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Please note that the Avon Lake Public Library is now hosting these publications on Biblioboard, which is ideal for reading and browsing, but keywords may not be able to be searched.
We thank the Cleveland Memory Project at Cleveland State University for hosing these documents for many years!

The Press


  • Weekly on Wednesday. In color since 2013. Included some early antecedents, competitors, and most of the 1970s!

  • This collection is fairly complete from 1971 to present.

  • If you have earlier issues that we don't have, please let us know!

  • Thanks to Avon Lake Public Library, PICT Partnership, Ohio History connection (for the 1970s), and Cleveland State University's Cleveland Memory Project.

Avon Lake School Publications


  • School newspaper is The Spectrum, published 4-6 times per year since the school opened! Sorted by decade.

  • Known as ReadMor for one year. We may be missing some issues; let us know if you have any!

  • Thanks to Avon Lake Public Library, Avon Lake City Schools, various donors and volunteers.

Also included in this collection: The Bard, and occasional literary annual published in the 1940s and 1950s, and The Shore Log, Avon Lake High School's yearbook since 1960.

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